Follow Your Dreams

523-King-1024x768Since young we are told to study hard in school, get started and work hard with a respectful career over everything else so that we can have a happy life. We have been bombarded with this message throughout our lives and it has made a deep impact on all of us.

Most of us think that we have no other choice but to keep running on this track mill of life, just like the hamsters that simply go through the daily monotony with no questions asked. Then, we keep our dreams locked in the closet fearing that other people may not believe us or laugh at our “unrealistic” dreams. We want to fit ourselves into the image of being “normal”.

The good news is, we do not have to take the road that everyone takes. Many people have lost their jobs during this recent economic downturn. Now is the perfect time to pursue our dreams, to answer our inner calling. This inner yearning comes from deep within the core of who we really are as a person. Living this dream would bring us a genuine sense of well-being. When we do what we truly enjoy and believe, we live more in the present, feel happier and peaceful with ourselves and our surrounding. Though we may not make a lot of money with this new path, we will certainly enjoy it and live with no regret. The saddest thing in life is to ask “What if” at our deathbed, right?

The secret to happiness is to become courageous and follow what we truly want, that means to follow our hearts. If we have the talent and the ability to sustain that dream, then why not go for it? The world of today glamorizes certain lifestyle and careers, but reality says otherwise. We know things are just different from what we see in the movies. The key to enjoy life is to stand strong and not to live your life according to other people’s opinions. We have to let our inner strength take the wheel of our lives. If we don’t take control, other people will be most happy to run our lives for us. So, do not let the views of others affect our search for self-fulfillment.

We must also realize that following our dreams does not mean that we will always be happy and enjoy every minute of it. There will be times that we will be required to do things that we do not love. However, in the end we do get what we want. Life in itself is a surprise, and we often find ourselves being thrown a few surprises along the way.

Following our dreams also does not always mean that we will experience an overall sense of satisfaction, but this is far better than ignoring our inner cravings and putting them off until it never actually happens. On the road to fulfill our dreams may put us out of our comfort zone but we have to learn to cement our direction just to make ourselves truly happy with how our lives have turned out.

We must realize what kind of life we want ultimately. Though it requires conscious effort, but eventually, we get to spend the rest of our lives without regret. The seeds have been sown deep in our hearts and minds, and it is our job to reap the benefits of what we have planted. By following what we truly desire, not only do we fulfill our dreams and be happier, but we are also uplifting the spirit of the entire humanity!

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