How to Use Strong Affirmations


50If someone says, “I am, therefore I exist,” they are showing a confidence that is not common among other beings. Even though it’s a simple phrase, it’s an affirmation that says a lot about the person saying it.
Why do people need affirmation anyway? What’s the point of affirmation?
Affirmation is actually a very powerful tool that shapes your subconscious. Have you ever heard that after you hear something so many times you start to believe it? This is true with the subconscious. This can work with negative or positive words and affirmations are only positive thoughts. After the subconscious believes affirmations, they change into positive actions and feelings. With affirmation, people become empowered and can accomplish more. People learn to believe in themselves with affirmation and change thoughts to actions.
Affirmation can be verbal, thoughts, or visual. It shows the preferred state of mind of someone. Affirmations can be powerful and anyone can use them. They can help people achieve their goals. How powerful the affirmation is depends on how strong it is.
Affirmations are positive thoughts or words a person makes about something. A person can affirm what he wants such as, “I have a wonderful life.” Affirmations can also help one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Strong affirmations need to be stated in present tense rather than future tense. Saying, “I am a happy person” is more effective than saying, “I will be a happy person.” Affirmations always need to be positive and should never be negative. The whole purpose of affirmations are to be positive, to help you and to work with you.
Affirmations need to be simple, short, and to the point to be the most effective. Affirmations should not be very long. The point is to change your subconscious to be more positive and to give yourself a positive mindset. Short affirmations are much easier to say and remember than long ones. It can be something you repeat again and again everyday.
Affirmations need to be repeated in order to be effective. After you repeat something so many times, your subconscious takes notice and the person will act out and make decisions based on their affirmation. When creating an affirmation, a person should use words they believe in. Making strong affirmations can be very powerful and help the person realize their dreams.
However just making an affirmation and repeating it alone is not enough to make the affirmation into reality. A person should try to live their affirmation and do things that will help it become a reality. A person should feel the affirmation, apply it and believe it and then watch it become reality.
Affirmations are usually used to help the person using them, but they can also be used for another person. By affirming another person’s values or existence the person using the affirmations are improving the other person’s worth.

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